Sunday, 1 June 2014


In the beginning, the ancient Gods created not just the earth. They also created three other worlds: the Elysian Fields, a paradise where they themselves live; Tartarus, the dark world of demons and Titans, ruled over by the ancient deity Cronus; and finally the Land of the White Sun, where all the heroes and creatures of myth dwell – Centaurs and Minotaurs, Cyclopes and Gorgons, Amazons and flying horses! In this land the Creator planted the Sacred Flame, the Cosmic Source that keeps the universe in balance and must be protected from the Dark monsters and Evil Gods who desire to seize it, in order to destroy all the worlds. Hearing that Rebecca is charismatic, Turgoth, ruler of the kingdom of Beast, arranges for her abduction. When the two of them come face to face, they realise that there is a strange bond between them and their destinies become entwined forever. But although they start to share deep feelings for each other, they are doomed to fight on opposite sides…

 Rebecca Newton and the Sacred Flame is an exciting, mythical adventure that fans of Percy Jackson and Throne of Glass will enjoy. The Greek myths and legends are cleverly woven into this story, which does not fail to shock and surprise. Its strengths lie in the storyline itself. It is fast paced and thrilling and will leave you wanting to read on to find out what happens next.

 However, whilst the plot is exciting, the characters fall a bit flat. The main character, Rebecca Newton, whilst is a great role model in her strength and kindness, appears to be a bit too perfect and therefore, unrelatable. The characters' motives are also difficult to figure out and they change their mind a lot without any particular reason. This makes it difficult to become fully invested in the characters.

 Having said this, the story plays on the theme of good and evil, which is interesting to read about. The lines of good and evil in this story are extremely blurred and no character is explicitly one or the other. This creates an interesting dynamic within the story and this theme is handled very well.

 Overall, this was a very good story with weak characters. It is ideal for someone who wants a quick and enjoyable read, with a great exploration of Greek mythology.


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